Circulate the blessings of the sun to achieve a peaceful and happy world

The PV Reborn Association aims not only to avoid the problem of mass disposal of solar panels in the future by recycling discarded solar panels (PV Reborn), but also to achieve energy independence by permanently utilizing existing solar panels as an important resource, thereby creating a world without energy conflicts.

Realize the next Reborn after 3R

In the summer of 2023, the first Sakumoto pyrolysis unit by Niimi Solar Company, the founder of our association, is scheduled to start operation.

Sakumoto Pyrolysis Unit No. 1 (Atmos-01)
World’s first extraction of high purity material without carbon dioxide emissions.

Prototype Introduction Video


In line with this, the Association is also working to develop “sales channels for glass” and “solar cell material degradation” in order to realize the next concept of the 3Rs, “Reborn,” which is to create new cutting-edge solar cells from discarded solar cells.

Reborn Glass
Upcycling of glass, which has been the biggest challenge in solar panel recycling, has been realized.

Association’s goal of the Reborn Park concept

Establish factory zones (reborn parks) where PV reborn panels are manufactured.
This will allow solar panels to circulate semi-permanently within the region.

Reborn Glass

Glass derived from used solar panels is used as a raw material for glass crafts.
By reborn (recycled) solar panel glass, which was previously of low value, into glass crafts, new value can be added and upcycled.

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